Golden Sextion

The Silicon Age

release date: 02-04-2012
catalogue nr.: LOG009
genre: Modern Rock

"The Silicon Age" caters itself to each listener in a different way, depending on how the listener interprets the lyrics and which memories the lyrics call to mind. This album gives the listener something to think about through deep lyrics that prompt each individual to wander back into his or her past. Excellent examples of this are "From High", that tells the horrific actions mankind does or has done in the name of religions, power and money. At the end of the song the lyrics speaks in first person and tells the attempt, or at least the intention, of changing the way we act and think and not to do similar actions anymore; "Hi-Tech Love" is about the fact that nowadays real love is often confused/replaced with web browsing and no one has real relationships anymore, losing the ability to interact with people; “My Pain” tells Eluana Englaro's tragedy, a young lady forced in a bed in a persistent vegetative state for nearly two decades, despite her parents wanted to end her suffering, according to her will...

Fabio “Fabian” Dessi - Lead & Backing Vocals
Andrea “Loose” Lusenti - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Fausto “Faust” Giovannini - Bass & Backing Vocals
Gianvittorio “Jean” Vandelli - Drums & Backing Vocals

1. Hi-Tech Love
2. White Wall
3. Sex N’ Roll
4. Portrait
5. So Far From This Day
6. Jesus on My Back
7. Saints Are Gone
8. The Silicon Age
9. Hidden Truth
10. My Pain
11. From High