The Sovran

No Song For A Non-Generation

release date: 04-03-2011
catalogue nr.: LOG003
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

Eleven pills of pure rock’n’roll vitaminic energy which sound like Turbonegro, Hellacopters and Gluecifer, seasoned with a strong personality and a melancholic touch. Eleven mad tracks running like a shot, which hardly exceed a length of three minutes, for a debut album as quick as lightning that prints itself on your mind thanks to direct and sparkling refrains, sharp guitars and an accurate and biting rhythm section.  “No Song For A Non-Generation” perfectly shows that it’s not necessary to come from a Scandinavian land to do some good rock'n'roll…


Captain T - Vocals

Uncle Frank - Guitars

Simon - Bass

Sgt. Lsd - Drums

01. Revolution #10

02. Under The Flash

03. Detonation

04. Machine 

05. Looking For

06. Hell Yeah!

07. One Million Horses

08. Rock'n'Roll Robber

09. Generation

10. The Sovran Is Dead

11. Europa