release date: 31-10-2010
catalogue nr.: LOG001
genre: Horror Rock

“We can proudly say that even if we are dead since five years, our evil-ution never stops, like the rotting process, naturally.  -Dr. Freak says -  “Livingdeadstars” is the title of the album, but it could easily be the second name of the band, because that’s what we are, five corpses who came back from the grave only to rock out the world, that’s what you can see in the album’s artwork too, and there’s no doubt about it... death becomes us!”.


Dr. Freak - Vocals

Paghalloween - Guitars

Sgt. Anubis - Guitars

Mr. 4 - Bass

Littlebomb - Drums


01. Pissing On Heaven's Door

02. You Can Leave Your Head On

03. Lick You To Death

04. Hot N' Cold

05. Association Against Superhorrorfuck

06. Livingdeadstar

07. Touch Your Soul

08. Holy Zombie

09. Horrorchy - Part II - The Prophets

10. Welcome To My F***k Show

11. The Woman Of My Death

12. The Texas Chainsaw Ranger