Michael Kratz


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catalogue nr.: AOM011
genre: AOR / Westcoast
release date: 24-09-2021

"TAFKATNO" is the new official studio album by Danish westcoast master, Michael Kratz. Following the great feedback received by music press and specialized media after the release of his previous solo album "Live Your Life", followed by the special collector's 3CD package "Live Your LIVE", Michael is finally back with another AOR/Westcoast work of art.

"TAFKATNO" features an outstanding list of special guests including Christian Warburg (Paul Young), Bruce Gaitsch (King Of Hearts, Madonna, Peter Cetera, Chicago, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Lionville), Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell, Acacia Avenue), Davide Gilardino & Luca Carlomagno (Mindfeels) and Janey Clewer (Peter Cetera, Bill Champlin, Michael Bolton, Michael Sembello among others). The mix was done Kawer Studios by Kasper Viinberg and Kratz himself, with mastering handled instead by Torben Lysholm @ SnakeRock.

"TAFKATNO" is scheduled for release on September 24, 2021 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. A special personalized edition has been created by Outward Styles in a very limited quantity of 30 copies, and will be available exclusively on the Burning Minds Music Group's official online shop. CD graphics have been designed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Platens, Raintimes, Alchemy, Room Experience), with booklet featuring introductory liner notes written by Bengt Isaksson (Westcoast/AOR Music Networkand Kenneth Bremer (Blue Desert). Cover artwork concept and design thanks to Michael Kratz.

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01. Too Close To The Edge
02. The Highway
03. A Way To The Future
04. Without Your Love
05. You're The One
06. Let's Do Something Good
07. Someday
08. Everlasting Love
09. 10 minutes (00.37 / 00.47)
10. How Can A Man
11. Broken Souls (Bonus Track)

Michael Kratz: Vocals, Guitars & Drums
Kasper Viinberg: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion & Drums

Special guests:
Janey Clewer: Backing Vocals
Davide Gilardino: Backing Vocals
Torben Lysholm: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Bass
Christian Warburg: Guitars
Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars
Luca Carlomagno: Guitars
Mikkel Risum: Bass
Kenneth Bremer: Cardboard Box
Michael Kratz - TAFKATNO