No God Slave (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG031
genre: Death Metal
release date: 10-02-2015

No God Slave is a powerful album of death metal with symphonic arrangements: heavy riffs, harsh growling and screaming vocals and a personal use of keyboards are the main features of this record.


01. No God Slave   
02. Democratic Mankind Slaughter    
03. One Way Left    
04. Escape From Your Fears    
05. The Scarecrown    
06. Fear's Invention, Pain    
07. Behind Blind Eyes    
08. Among The Living Dead    
09. Dark Passenger    
10. Flatterer Of Indifference
11. Individual Revolution
12. Lonely In Pain
13. Howling Memories


Roberto – Vocals
Uge - Guitars
Andrea - Bass
Reynoldz -Drums

Embryo - No God Slave