Jester in Brick Lane (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG015
genre: Rock
release date: 27-08-2012

A brave experimental example of hard rock influenced by punk, hardcore, blues, r'n'r, funk, psychedelia, tribal rhythmes, country and also reggae, sung both in English and Spanish!


01. Punk In-Fusion
02. Winston Smith & The Street Dogs
03. Brick Lane
04. Back To The Monkey
05. Z' ├ętoile
06. Panamerika
07. Magic Jester's Box
08. Sulphurea
09. Guilty Blues
10. Bad Days Good Waves
11. Towards Winay Marka
12. Niebla
13. Yerbadiablo


Nik - All Instruments

Yerbadiablo - Jester in Brick Lane