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catalogue nr.: AOM002
genre: AOR / Westcoast
release date: 17-11-2017

SPECIAL PERSONALIZED EDITION DETAILS: This special LTD. edition comes with personalized printed card included, filled with handwritten name of the buyer, number of the copy and signature of Art Of Melody Music's label manager, that certifies the originality and exclusivity of the product. A very special edition available in a strictly limited quantity of 50 copies, dedicated to all the great melodic rock music's collectors out there. 

Born with the name of Dejanira back in 1994, Mindfeels were originally the trio of Italo Graziana (Soul Seller - Drums), Roberto Barazzotto (Bass) and Luca Carlomagno (Guitars / Keyboards / Violin). From the beginning, Mindfeels showed their love of American AOR/Westcoast legends, Toto, and built a set list of Toto cover songs for live, instrumental performances. Later, Dejanira joined forces with female singer Raffaella Miani, who fronted the band for the recording of their first, unreleased album, which they self produced. A few years later, new frontman Davide Gilardino, replaced Raffaella on vocals. The band was completed with the addition of Gloria Strippoli on backing vocals, and Christian Rossetti on keyboards. This new line-up (with the exception of Gloria Strippoli) began recording the second unreleased album "XXenty", a title chosen in celebration of their more than two decades of music together. The new line-up prompted a new moniker – and Mindfeels was born. They chose the name to represent their infinite love of Toto, led by guitar maestro Steve Lukather, and in particular, their timeless album “Mindfields". In 2017, Mindfeels signed with new label, Art Of Melody Music, for the European release of "XXenty" (scheduled for November 17th), and also with AnderStein Music for a dedicated Japanese release later in December. The cd version will feature liner notes written by Kenneth Bremer, editor in chief of renowned westcoast music website Blue Desert, while the official videoclip of the first single, "Soul Has Gone Away", is available on Youtube.


01. Don't Leave Me Behind
02. Soul Has Gone Away
03. Hidden Treasures
04. The Joker
05. Skyline
06. Speed
07. These Words
08. Fear
09. It's Not Like Dying
10. Touch The Stone
11. The Number One


Davide Gilardino: Lead & Backing Vocals
Luca Carlomagno: Guitars, Violin & Keyboards
Roberto Barazzotto: Bass
Italo Graziana: Drums

- Special Guest
Christian Rossetti (Keyboards)

Mindfeels - XXenty