Atomic Stuff Promotion is proud to welcome the Italian metal band Kamion in its roster. Kamion was born back in 2014 from guitarists Paul and Patch's idea of starting an original music band. Unfortunately, the research of valid members is unsuccessful and the project is put aside for years, until January 2017 when Paul asks Dodo, a well-known singer in their area, to join the band. With him on board, together with Dan on drums and Lux on bass, the line-up is finally complete! After spending an entire summer in the rehearsal room, the Kamion sound was born: a balanced mix of modern and old school styles featuring each member's musical influences. Kamion performs in many clubs and festivals in northern Italy, building a strong fanbase. October 2018 sees the release of the eight-tracks debut CD "Gain". In February, 2019, the promotion of the album officially starts: the band signs with Atomic Stuff and the songs are finally available on the most important digital platforms.

"Gain" tracklist:

1. The Reaper
2. Another God
3. Queen Of Hate
4. Home
5. Mr. Sucker
6. Going Wrong
7. Escape
8. Jungle

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