Logic Il Logic Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce that "Stay With Me", a song written and performed by Orphan Skin Diseases and Dark Ages, is now available for streaming and download on all digital platforms. 

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The lyrics are penned by Peter Darley, a well-known English novelist, author of the successful sci-fi trilogy “Hold On!” and “Invincible”. Orphan Skin Diseases already teamed up together with Darley for the recording of their debut album, "Dreamy Reflections", where the band showcased its intense alternative rock sound. The album was released back in 2018 by Logic Il Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group

In “Stay With Me”, the Florence-based band had the chance to collaborate with their friends Dark Ages, one of the most promising Italian prog metal acts. The song was born with the idea of making people talk about a rare disease like Ataxia–Telangiectasia. Rare diseases are always referred to as orphan diseases: orphans of any researching activities by multinational pharmaceutical companies, because being rare they are not profitable.

Let's not forget that one of the two main bands of this project, Orphan Skin Diseases, chose its moniker as a sort of tribute to rare disease patients and all the doctors who, despite all difficulties, try to cure ‘em without the support of the mainstream scientific research and the big pharmaceutical companies.

Angela Busato, Simone Calciolari and Carlo Busato, respectively keyboardist, guitarist and drummer of Dark Ages, are very active in charity, being also members of the "Butei" Association, a non-profit organization based in Isola della Scala (Verona, Italy). They are also the core-group behind the organization of 15 editions of "Isola Rock", an important musical festival based in Italy, which donates all the proceeds of the event to charity local entities.

The official videoclip of "Stay With Me" was conceived and created by both bands, in collaboration with the families of patients affected by Ataxia–Telangiectasia and belonging to the association ANAT - ONLUS (National Association of Ataxia–Telangiectasia).

The main purpose behind the release of "Stay With Me" is helping ANAT to share info about this rare disease, and to support the scientific research through a fundraising that will take place directly with the donation channels usually used by the ANAT Association (5xMille, Paypal and direct donations toward this ONLUS, please visit the ANAT website for all details at the following link: https://www.associazione-at.it/atassia-telangiectasia/come-puoi-aiutarci). Moreover, any income linked to the proceeds of streaming and sales generated by "Stay With Me" on digital music platforms will be entirely donated to ANAT Association.

By purchasing the single or streaming it on digital platforms, you will personally help ANAT to support the medical research, in order to promote an early diagnosis needed for prevention. It also offers them a chance to work on better structures,  where patients can receive useful therapies to improve their quality of life, and to maximize the diffusion of information for all the families of people affected by Ataxia–Telangiectasia, without forgetting to make the public opinion aware of this rare disease and all the connected problems that patients must face on a daily basis.

Dimitri Bongianni, vocals 
David Bongianni, guitar 
Simone Calciolari, guitar 
Matteo “Zola” Niccolai, bass 
Angela Busato, keyboards 
Carlo Busato, drums 

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