Logic Il Logic Records & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to announce the release of "Flyin' Soul", first single taken from "Dreamy Reflections", official debut album of Italian alternative rock / metal band Orphan Skin Diseases. The official videoclip comes courtesy of Moviedel Productions (Revolution Saints, Kee Of Hearts, Methedras).

STREAM OR BUY "FLYIN' SOUL" NOW! https://www.burningmindsgroup.com/logic-illogic/buy/90 

Orphan Skin Diseases were formed in 2015 by drummer maestro Massimiliano Becagli, known in the Italian scene as the drummer for respected heavy metallers No Remorse. The Orphan Skin Diseases line-up was completed by the addition of skilled musicians from the Italian rock/metal scene: Gabriele Di Caro (ex Sabotage, ex Outlaw - Vocals), Juri Costantino (ex Creation - Bass) & David Bongianni (ex Virya, Little CB - Guitar). The band’s style was built by mixing the influences from each musician in order to reach a refined and personal sound. Progressive rock music, heavy metal influences, funky hints and alternative elements are perfectly mixed and balanced to create a powerful-but-catchy experience.

Guitarist & founding member David Bongianni says: "Flyin' Soul" is the first official single of Orphan Skin Diseases. It represents a real warning about the family's stereotype and the modern society, a scream of protest against the silence and the arrogance of the crowd. The sound in this song is aggressive and melodic at the same time, and it shows the distinctive approach of our two singers Gabriele and Dimitri, whom vocals parts fit perfectly on the instrumental side led by myself, Maxx & Juri.

Orphan Skin Diseases will present officially on stage the first single "Flyin' Soul" and more songs from "Dreamy Reflections" on May 12, 2018 @ Isola Rock Revolution.

"Dreamy Reflections" is set for release on July 13, 2018 via Logic Il Logic Records / Burning Minds Music Group.

Orphan Skin Diseases is:
Gabriele Di Caro: Lead Vocals
Dimitri Bongianni: Lead & Backing Vocals
David Bongianni: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Juri Costantino: Bass & Backing Vocals
Massimiliano Becagli: Drums

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