Saturday Overdose

Eat My Dust! (CD)

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catalogue nr.: SSR020
genre: Sleaze
release date: 08-10-2013

“Eat My Dust!” was recorded at Authoma Studios by Federico Pennazzato (Hell In The Club, Secret Sphere) and combines perfectly 80’s-inspired hard rock and modern atmospheres to create a unique, infectious sound.


01. Free Bones
02. Don't Care About The Rain
03. Fallin' Apart
04. Anthem For A Dream
05. Fucking Mustang


Enrico “Bosco” Boschiazzo - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Andrea “Serve” Servetti - Guitars
Andrea “Pana” Panaro - Bass & Backing vocals
Filippo “Kocks” Galli - Drums & Backing vocals

Saturday Overdose - Eat My Dust!