Ready For The Show (CD)

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catalogue nr.: SSR006
genre: Hard Rock
release date: 25-02-2010

Blistering debut album from the band established around former Tarchon Fist singer "Sange". 11 tracks plus an intro crossing different faces of metal and rock music, for an intense journey from metal to melody that will never disappoint the listener.


01. Let The Show Begin                            
02. Hate Sower                     
03. The Demon Inside                 
04. Master Of The Grief                              
05. Goodbye                                             
06. Wake Up Call
07. Too Late For The Show
08. Shock Down The System
09. Photograph
10. Overturned By Nature
11. Thank You
12. Another Day


Luigi "Sange" Sangermano - Vocals
Lucio Martelli - Guitars
Fabrizio "PinkMariachi" Gangemi - Guitars
Tiziano DeSiati - Bass
Beppe Montuori - Drums

Sange:Main:Machine - Ready For The Show