Easy Trigger

Ways Of Perseverance (CD)

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catalogue nr.: SSR028
genre: Sleaze
release date: 30-09-2016

With new drummer Fabio “Pane” Ferrari (ex Raw Power) joining the band, Easy Trigger's style, groove and writing process has changed with a more professional tendency, thanks to his and new singer Nico's backgrounds. RnR at its best!


01. My Darkness

02. Land Of Light

03. The Watchmaker

04. God Is Dead

05. Turn To Stone

06. One Way Out

07. Blind (piano by Andrea Moserle)

08. Tell Me A Story

09. Sold Out

10. The Sand


Nico - Vocals

Caste - Guitar

Vale - Bass

Pane - Drums

Easy Trigger - Ways Of Perseverance