The Sticky Fingers LTD.

The Sticky Fingers LTD (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG029
genre: Rock 'n' Roll
release date: 28-10-2014

"The Sticky Fingers Ltd." is a hard rock/rock'n'roll oriented album with snarling guitars and a killer drums/bass groove, pumping a compact and dense sound that will blow your ears!


01.(Do You Feel My) Sticky Fingers
02. Sweet Delight
03. Rain Keeps Fallin’
04. In The Night
05. Jailhouse Tonight
06. You’re Wrong
07. Take Me Home
08. Serial Killer
09. Standing On The Ruins Of Your Life
10. It Ain’t Over

Lorenz - Guitars & Vocals
Inch - Guitars
Jaypee - Bass
Flash - Drums
The Sticky Fingers LTD. - S/T