Death Becomes Us (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG027
genre: Horror Rock
release date: 13-09-2013

Shock 'n' Roll! The previous EP “Gore-Geous Dead”, published in December 2012, disclosed the new musical style of this new album that features some special guests.


01. Dead World I Live In

02. Down At The Graveyard

03. Death Becomes Us

04. Love After Death

05. Voodoo Holiday

06. The Ballad Of Layla Drake

07. Threesome With The Dead

08. Ante-Mortem Pictures

09. Break Your Shit (feat Vikki Violence & Dixxi from London Based Hellfire Club)

10. Headless Groupie

11. Horrorchy Pt. III, The Lord

12. Holy Zombie (feat. Frenky & Caste from Easy Trigger - Holy Bullshit remix)


Dr.Freak - Vocals
Mr.4 - Bass
Deadly Bucks - Guitars
Izzy Wyldhell - Guitars
Franky Voltage - Drums

Superhorrorfuck - Death Becomes Us