Ashes Of Chaos

Eye (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG026
genre: Prog Metal
release date: 30-07-2013

A concept album inspired by some great names of the progressive metal scene and also influenced by the individual and personal music preferences (funk, jazz, classical music and much more) of the members.


01. Ashes Of Chaos

02. Falling

03. Doom

04. Mechanical Rage

05. Atmosfear pt.1 - Abyss Of Consciousness

06. Parallels

07. Novilunio

08. Atmosfear pt.2 – Circle Of Madness

09. Awake

10. Rinascita


Alexios Ciancio – Vocals

Mike Crinella – Guitars & Backing vocals

Stefano Galassi – Bass

Francesco Gabrielli – Drums & B acking vocals

Giorgio Gori – Keyboards

Ashes Of Chaos - Eye