Vicolo Inferno

Hourglass (CD)

€ 7.99

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catalogue nr.: LOG025
genre: Hard Rock
release date: 28-05-2013

A strong and heterogeneous sound, where hard rock meets metal, that highlights individual artistic influences of all the group members, who poured their musical background in the constant search for a new rock trademark.


01. Hardesia
02. Hourglass
03. Tombstone
04. Dangerous Dreams
05. In Your Red
06. Cold Moon
07. Hangin' On The Blade
08. Stonering
09. Earthquake
10. Lipstick (bonus track)


Igor Piattesi - Vocals
Marco Campoli - Guitars
Marco "Daz" Dazzani - Bass
Alex "LR" La Sala - Drums

Vicolo Inferno - Hourglass