Golden Sextion

The Silicon Age (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG009
genre: Modern Rock
release date: 02-04-2012

Powerful and modern hard rock, great backing vocals and a big production! Eleven songs of pure energy and fine melody at the same time so that they will get in your mind and won’t get out anymore! With Fabio Dessi (Arthemis) as vocalist!

1. Hi-Tech Love
2. White Wall
3. Sex N’ Roll
4. Portrait
5. So Far From This Day
6. Jesus on My Back
7. Saints Are Gone
8. The Silicon Age
9. Hidden Truth
10. My Pain
11. From High
Fabio “Fabian” Dessi - Lead & Backing Vocals
Andrea “Loose” Lusenti - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Fausto “Faust” Giovannini - Bass & Backing Vocals
Gianvittorio “Jean” Vandelli - Drums & Backing Vocals

Golden Sextion - The Silicon Age