Highway Dream

Wonderful Race (CD)

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catalogue nr.: SSR024
genre: Hard Rock
release date: 23-09-2014

Highway Dream's music is hard as a rock, remembering the best songs of '80s american rock, mixed with fantasy and Italian style!


01. Unbelievable 

02. Don't Let You Die 

03. Highway Dream

04. Many Reasons 

05. Let Me Be Your Breath

06. Wonderful Race 

07. Like An Earthquake 

08. Falling Down

09. Some Stars... 

10. Born To Be A Rockstar


Isabella "Isa" Gorni - Lead Vocals

Roberto "Roby" Zoppi - Guitar

Gabriele "Gheghe" Frosi - Bass

Massimo "Max" Agliardi - Drums

Highway Dream - Wonderful Race