Hit Mania Death (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG043
genre: Horror Rock
release date: 27-10-2017

In an era where Rock'n Roll seems to be really dead, only the dead can bring it back to its splendor! “Hit Mania Death”, Superhorror's fourth studio album, follows this rule to the letter, with an incredible mix of genres, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, but also Blues, Funk and Country, kept together by an aggressive and funny sound and a dark humor mood... it's hard (but not that much) to believe this band's from Italy! After the excellent reviews of their latest work “Death Becomes Us” all over the world (“Non bulls***s, this album is a blast! Must listen”, “One of the most triumphant metal records of the year”, “It's reductive to define it overhelming” Rock Hard Italy), the band continues its creative path, presenting a very mature album, with well-finished arrangements and eccentric songwriting, without losing its catchy and party-loving spirit. Didi's guitars create an intricate web of sound making the listener lose himself into the melody, which perfectly conforms to Freak's sharp voice switching between scream and deep tones; the living and heavily-pumping heart of these songs is embodied by Franky's drums, an unstoppable groove machine diligently oiled by Mr.4's warm and bones-shaking bass lines. “Hit Mania Death” is a crazy free ride in the world of Superhorror, a living dead band that, since its death and debut in 2005, has never stopped its evolution, achieving its actual “Rocky Horror Show on amphetamine” style!


1. Ready, Steady... Die!

2. Nazi Nuns From Outer Space

3. Mr. Rigor Mortis

4. Ed Wood Blues

5. No Love For The Deceased

6. Dead To Be Alive

7. Rock Is Dead (Like Us)

8. Nice To Meat You

9. Little Scream Queen

10. Mourir, C’Est Chic

11. Selfish Son Of A Witch

12. Nekro-Nekro Gym


Edward J. Freak - Vocals

Mr.4 - Bass

Didi Bukz - Guitar & Kazoo

Franky Voltage - Drums

Superhorror - Hit Mania Death