Eyes 'N' Lips

Pornstar For President (CD)

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catalogue nr.: SSR022
genre: Sleaze
release date: 29-04-2014

“Pornstar For President”, influenced by the 80's main hair bands (Guns 'N' Roses, Mötley Crüe) and the classic AC/DC-style hard rock, is a must buy for every hard rock fan worthy of the name!


01. Jack And Daniel

02. Fuckin' Obsessive

03. Pornstar For President

04. Soldier Of Love

05. With You

06. Bring Me To Your Paradise

07. Come Away, Come Away With Me

08. Desire And Curiosity

09. Rock Your Love

10. Day After Day


Mr. Skorpion - Vocals

Gypsy - Guitar

Swiff - Bass & Backing vocals

Vik - Drums & Backing vocals

Eyes 'N' Lips - Pornstar For President